A Today product is one that is being promoted aggressively for a short period of time.

Examples of today products include:

  • Product launches.
  • Webinars that do not offer a replay.
  • Seasonal products.
  • Any product that will be taken off the market after the marketing “push”.

Today Products appeal to Newbies, Intermediate and Advanced buyers.

We covered Newbie and Intermediate buyers in the sections above. But who is an Advanced buyer?

In my view an Advanced buyer is someone who is succeeding online now. They may be a product owner, super-affiliate or work for a large company. In any case, their business is working and now they need to improve and take the next steps.

NOTE: “Succeeding” online does not mean making a million dollars a year. It means you are using the Internet to achieve your goals, be they financial, ministry, outreach or sharing your passion.

Advanced buyers are not great prospects for Core products because they already own them. They have hosting, autoresponders and more.

They are excellent prospects for Feeder products because they now want to gain more effectiveness with their online efforts. That often means reaching new audiences, increasing their authority and more.

No matter what niche you are in, if you think of your online marketing as a house, then Advanced Products are the finishing touches you add after you live in your house.

When people buy Today products from your recommendation they are signaling three very important things.

  1. They trust you. Unless you are marketing a Today product by offering a huge bonus package, buyers will buy because they value and respect your opinion.
  2. They have money to spend. Product launches often sell for $1000 or more. Buyers of these packages have the means to invest again if the offer is right, so nourish your relationship with them by adding value whenever you can.
  3. They have a very specific need. If a person buys a Today product they are trying to solve a specific problem. Pay attention to that and tailor your follow up marketing to that need and you will do well.

These products are best promoted as a broadcast to your list, not as much as putting them in your follow up series.

If you intend to succeed online you are going to build lists. You will build one or multiple lists. You will be able to broadcast messages to those lists. Some people call that a one-off message.

That is the best way to promote Today products.

Today products have a short shelf life. They won’t be around forever. That is why you broadcast them instead of creating an entire follow up system for them as we did above.

There are advantages to promoting today products and adding them to your marketing mix.

The first is that you build your reputation as a marketer, regardless of your niche.

If you’re involved in three or four product launches throughout the year, even if you’re not one of the top five or ten affiliates, your name becomes known among the people who do marketing for a living.

Even if you don’t win a prize and make only a few sales the product owner will notice and appreciate your efforts. That can lead to a good relationship over time.

Next, your list sees you as in-the-know. You’re announcing products to them that are available right now. These products just came on the market and offer serious benefits.

Next, there are often launch contests in which you can participate.

If you do land within the top 10 affiliates you can often win a laptop computer, a cash prize, an IPad or even a Rolex watch. I have won all of these and more, simply by following my matrix and taking my own advice.