Do People Need Or Want This Product?

Does it solve a problem for the buyer?

Yes / No

Remember that people buy solutions, not products. Will this product provide a true solution for your customer?

If you own it you will know this. If you do not own the product look for testimonials where people talk about specific solutions to their problems.

If you plan to spend considerable time and effort you may want to set up a Google Alert for the person or product and see what you discover, good or bad.

WARNING: Many testimonials online are not real. Be careful what you believe. Be sure to combine testimonials you read with your own experience of the person selling the product.

Do people WANT to buy this?

Yes / No

Did your Mom ever tell you to “eat your vegetables!” Mine sure did.

Did you really want to eat those vegetables? Most kids don’t really. I sure didn’t!

Promoting products online is just like that. While it’s fine to market things based on “needs” (like web hosting) it is also important to sell things people want.

You don't want to promote something that's like taking medicine for your customer - it just won't sell.

Think about what this product will actually do for your buyer and if that's something they will want done.

Remember this, no one buys a Rolls Royce automobile to get from point A to point B. They buy a Rolls Royce to be seen going from point A to point B. And that is a huge difference.

Are people buying this type of product?

Yes / No

There are many times in life when being first counts. Marketing products is not one of them. Here’s why.

When you are marketing a new product or idea you have to make two sales to get one commission.

  1. You have to sell your prospects on the idea of the product.
  2. You have to convince prospects that this is the best product possible.

That’s too much work for most of us.

Please understand, I am not saying to never be among the first to market a product. In some niches, like Network Marketing, being first pays off in a big way.

But when marketing products (and not business opportunities) it can often be a severe uphill climb to make sales.

This is where keyword research and other “spying” tools come into play.

HINT: The best free research is to look at what is being advertised.

If people are spending money on advertising, you can know that it's profitable for them. And can be for you, too!