Product Categories

I am a visual person and so like to see concepts in graphical form. Here is a chart I created for my team to illustrate the Core, Feeder, Today product concept.

Notice I put “Passive Profits” at the intersection of these three ideas.

That’s because following this formula creates passive products as people who buy based on your recommendation (or buy your products if you are a product owner) are finding what they need and want to buy more.


Defining Core, Feeder, and Today Products

While these categories may be new to you now, you will soon discover this simple way of looking at products brings freedom.

  • Freedom from others saying “just do this” and hoping it will work.
  • Freedom from arbitrary measurements like “gravity” that no one can really define.
  • Freedom from feeling left out of the party as you see top marketers do multi-million dollar product launches, leaving you to wonder why you never get invited.

So let’s look at these product categories and see why they work so well when building your online business.