In the years I have worked online (15 at the time of this writing) I have heard the same story many times. It’s not a happy story but it can have a happy ending.

I’ve actually lived this story too.

Here is what I hear from members, consulting clients and people who write in with questions:

“I found a great product to promote. It looked good. It sounded good. It had high gravity like the gurus say it should. So I promoted it and did not make a single sale! What did I do wrong?”

Pay close attention to that last part … “what did I do wrong?”

In many cases, if not most cases, the customer did not do anything wrong.

You see, many times the person promoting the product is not the problem.

The product selection process is the problem.

If only there was a checklist, a matrix, for finding products, evaluating them and knowing that they can be profitable if you work hard to promote them.

If there were such a matrix (or Roadmap) we could promote products confidently, and not have to rely on “hoping for the best”.  

Just think of the time and money you would have saved if you had been able to avoid promoting products that did not sell.

What if instead of wasting time (and money) promoting those products you could have focused 100% of your time and money on products you knew had a very good chance of selling well for you?

Would you like a copy of the matrix I use personally? The one I use with high-end consulting clients?

That matrix is what you are reading right now.

This is my personal plan for choosing products to promote. I use this matrix when developing new products as well. When creating products I pay careful attention to the Core/Feeder/Today mix in my product line.

You will read more about the Core/Feeder/Today idea in just a few moments.

While I own 14 membership sites, I do promote other products as well. When I do, I am often a top-performing affiliate.

I credit my matrix for that. Because no matter who created the product, I won’t promote it unless it passes the test.

First, just what is a “matrix” and why would you want one? Note the yellow box.


While the term “matrix” can be very complicated in the math world, in my world it is a mold. A blueprint. A plan.

A mold that shapes your success online.

By using the Profitable Product Matrix you can remove emotion from your decisions and begin to evaluate products using a process that is proven and repeatable.

NOTE: I am a big fan of getting excited about products. But I find it’s best to keep my emotions in check until after a product meets my standards. That way I know logically I have chosen a great product, which creates even deeper excitement as I plan my marketing campaigns. This is the #1 way to avoid disappointment in my experience.

By applying the same matrix to all products you promote you will know, before investing time or money, that these products are worthy of you. Not the other way around.

After all, you will spend both time and money promoting products online. So it’s wise to begin thinking about whether products are worthy of your efforts.

You see, succeeding online is not an accident. Far from it. It is a result. Success online is the result of promoting the right products, using the right methods, at the right time.

“Succeeding online is not an accident. It is a result.”

Once you learn the formula, you will be able to repeat it again and again, in as many niches as you like. And for as many products as you like.

I hope you enjoy my Profitable Product Matrix report. But more than that I hope you use it to evaluate what products are worth the time and effort you will spend promoting them.

Because when you know, and I mean really know, that a product will work for you, you will have found a beautiful thing indeed! Now, for the report.